Meet my son + Birth story.

As I have been overwhelmed with comments on my pregnancy announcement, many of which I haven’t read until now, I thought I will introduce you to my son and share my birth story .It makes me feel guilty that I haven’t shared my journey with you due to needing a break from blogging.

Pregnancy for me was never easy. I had to quit work because I was very anaemic. I didn’t have many symptoms such as sickness but I had anaemia and low blood pressure throughout my first and second trimester. The third trimester came and I finally started showing and looking pregnant, I had very good core muscles, HAD being the main word haha, but up until then part from my anaemia I had a fairly easy pregnancy compared to others.

I got to 36 weeks pregnant I had a general check up with my midwife, she examined my stomach and she was pretty certain that he wasn’t head down and was in fact frank breech. If you don’t know what frank breech is then here’s a photo of what he would have looked like.


I was booked in for a scan at 37 weeks at a hospital to see if he had turned and if not I would either had to get him turned which is known as ECV, have a C-section or try and give birth anyway which wasn’t medically advised. At 37 weeks the nurse found that he hadn’t turned and because I had good core muscles with little amniotic fluid if an ECV was done he would either not turn or just pop back again.

IMG_4378                           IMG_5070

I did a TON of research, much to my consultant’s dismay I chose to have a C-section. I went with what my gut was telling me (which is always right every time) and I just had this awful reason that my son wasn’t turning for a very good reason and to have him turned with the huge risks it comes with didn’t sit right with me. And to have a natural birth with huge risks that came with it didn’t sit right with me either. So there was it my natural water birth with no pain relief full of rainbows and smiles that everyone seems to talk about went completely out of the window. I could have gone along with what made my consultant happy and possibly have the rainbows and smiles but it wasn’t about him, it wasn’t about me or my selfish idealistic birth that I had painted in my head. It was about what was best for my unborn baby. The decision was left in my hands which I found extremely difficult giving that I never had surgery and was scared of needles.

The day came for me to have my C-section. I had a canula in my hand after the second attempt when the student nurse burst my vein! Myself and Jamie were both prepped for theatre. I had to go in the horrible cold theatre all on my own and sit and have a long needle put into my spine which is known as a spinal block to numb the majority of my body. They pumped various different drugs into me many of which I can’t remember because of the drugs. My memory goes hazy after that happened so the rest of this post may sound short but sweet.

The team laid me down and checked if i was numb and made the first cut, Jamie was then allowed to come in the room we was both balling our eyes out during the whole c-section. I felt ALOT OF hard tugging and pulling which made me feel sick. Eventually Archie Peter Robb was born on the 20th of September 2016 at 11:18 am with a very good set of lungs on him! He cried almost straight away. The midwife took him somewhere to check everything was okay with him (procedure when you have a c-section in the UK). I was then shaking vigorously which is apparently normal but I thought I was dieing and started to panic. (you can imagine how traumatising this all was for someone with severe anxiety) eventually Jamie came over with Archie looking so proud balling his eyes out and that was the first time I saw my son. The moment I will never forget and one of the moments I can actually remember clearly throughout the whole thing!

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Exciting News: I’m Expecting!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to share with you that I am 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant and due on the 23rd of September which may explain as to why I have been so unactive on here for a while! Along with feeling happy and excited to meet my little baby have come with a few problems.

All the way through my first trimester my blood pressure has been very low leading to me feeling exhausted and dizzy all the time, I have also fainted a couple of times at work which has been pretty scary. I have now had to quit my job as I can not cope with meeting the demands they required and stand for long periods without feeling faint. I want what is best for me and my baby and to try to have a steady pregnancy as I am only 5ft2 and have a small frame.

Although I have been struggling, I am now starting to pick myself up so you should be expecting plenty of pregnancy posts, updates and baby hauls which I am super excited to do!! I hope you are all as happy and excited as I am and looking forward to going through the incredible journey of me becoming a mother.

Take care & lots of love