MUA Plum Noir Nail Polish Review

Hello everyone! If you have been following me for a while you will have seen a review on the MUA Moody Mink nail polish. I was so pleased and surprised with MUA so I decided to try more nail polishes from their range.

Again I was not disappointed, the colour is so lovely and perfect for Autumn/Winter. I found it to be very long lasting and doesn’t chip, although you need two coats on. The consistency again is excellent but I found that it took longer to take this one off than the Moody Mink shade. This is probably because the colour is a lot darker and pigmented. I also used the Top Coat nail polish from the range as I wanted the colour to last as long as possible at my hands on job.

I would give this one a 9/10 and highly recommended you guys to try this polish or other polishes for the MUA range. Their products are cheap but high quality!


MUA Moody Mink & Top Coat Clear Nail Polish Review!

Hello everybody, I hope you are all having a good start to the week! If you saw my recent post on my Superdrug Haul then you would have seen these two nail polishes which I mentioned.

I bought the MUA Moody Mink as I fell in love with the colour! It is so pretty and so perfect for Autumn, with it costing just £1.00 you can’t go wrong really. The price of the nail polish was the reason I bought the MUA top coat as I thought it would probably chip very easily.


When I applied the product I found it very easy to paint on, some nail polishes I have found to be too thick in consistency which makes it very hard to get an nice thin even layer. I also found that is also dries so quickly and the colour looks exactly how it does in the tub once dry. I only needed one layer on then just one layer of the top coat.

To be able to give you guys a good review I wore this to work for a few days, where I work it is very hands on so it was perfect to test the durability. I can honestly say I had no chips! When it came to taking it off I found it so easy, it just glides off your nails! This is a big bonus for me because I dread when it comes the time to take a nail polish off, it’s so tedious!

All in all I give this nail polish a 10/10 and I highly recommend these two products together as they work so well!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away! 🙂

Take care



Superdrug Mini Haul!

Hello everybody! So I decided to make a few cheeky little purchases from Superdrug and thought I would share with you what I bought. I shall be reviewing these products if I fall in love with them or if they are absolutely terrible, so watch this space 🙂


Nair Hair Removal Cream. This is definitely a must for me as these days I am so lazy when it comes to shaving!


Pearl drops Pro-White. I’m actually really excited about this product, I am not really keen on the idea of using whitening strips as they can damage your teeth. £4.29


MUA Moody Mink & MUA Top Coat Clear Nail Polish. £1.00 each.


Make-up Revolution Highlighter. £3.00


MUA Pro-Base Primer £4.00


Eco-Tools Duo Eye Enhancing Set. These brushes seem so handy so I can’t wait to give them a go! They are usually priced at £6.99 but they are currently on offer for £4.49.


Collection Pressed Powder Ivory 18. This is another product which I am excited about and I am hoping to give a good review on it. During the Autumn/Winter months I become so pale and it’s hard to find a powder which is “pale enough” for me. Hopefully this will do the job! £1.19


MUA Blusher Cupcake £1.00


B. Defined Eyebrow Kit Light. This product usually costs £9.99 but at the moment it is on offer for £4.25. It also comes with setting gel, a highlighter, an eyebrow grooming brush and an applicator to apply the product, I am so excited to use this!

I hope you have enjoyed my first haul, I am looking forward to trying these products out and hopefully give some positive reviews for you all 🙂

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Lucky Doll Waterproof Eye Liner Review

I purchased this Lucky Doll eye liner as it was suggested to me on my ebay home page. As you can probably tell I only bought it because I thought it looked so damn cute and I couldn’t help myself! Not only does this eyeliner look good on my dressing table but it has become one of my favourite eyeliners too!


What I didn’t notice when purchasing this product is that it is actually a dual pencil and roll up pen eye liner! Yes little things like this really make my day! The eye liner draws on very nicely on my water line and underneath it. It is also durable and doesn’t smudge through the day which I find a problem with even expensive eyeliners.


The liquid eye liner, which screws from the top of the head, is also durable and lasts all day. The tip is also very fine so this makes it very easy to apply if you want more of a subtle look. The only downfall to the liquid eye liner is that it is a wet finish and not matte. I prefer matte for an every day make up look but this is absolutely perfect for a night out, special occasion or when I am just not going for the ‘natural look’.

All in all I think it is a good eye liner- especially for the price! 99p plus free delivery, you can’t go wrong really! I give this an 8 out of 10.


Thank you for reading!



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