Autumn OOTD.

Hello everyone!

So it is now officially Autumn my favourite time of year! We can start layering our clothes, wear snuggly hoodies and wrap up in our duvets with a hot chocolate while the rain patters on our windows, ah bliss!

When a new season comes most people opt to buy a whole new wardrobe. As well as buying new autumn clothes I also like to recycle my summer ones and dress them up to suit the season.

IMG_2148[1]  IMG_2146[1]

Here I am sporting a top from Primark which I bought in the summer. Although it is a summer top it does have red shades on it and leaves, so to make it suit this season I tucked the top into my maroon high waisted skater skirt I purchased from Ebay which is a perfect colour for this season and through the winter season. This skirt can pretty much go with anything within reason and can make any outfit suit an Autumn/Winter look. Another bonus for this skirt is that it has shorts underneath so you don’t have to worry about it blowing up on windy days!

Because my top is so bright I darkened the look with a black Primark button up cardigan and my black Primark lace shoes which are so cute! I also added my Tesco dragon fly necklace just because it is my favourite necklace it is so pretty. I purchased it on sale for just £2!


So ladies you don’t have to buy a completely new wardrobe, why not recycle your old clothes with your new season ones? It’s good to be different and unique 🙂

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