My March Favourites!

Hello everyone! I know this is super duper late but April has just flown by hasn’t it? I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of the month!

I didn’t have many favourites in March as I have been sticking to products that I already love but I have found some really good buys!

IMG_3379[1]   IMG_3380[1]

The first one is the Baby Lips in electro by Maybelline. I have been absolutely loving this at the moment, it is a lovely colour for spring and it is also build-able.  You can be subtle or out there which is what I love. I tend to use this on days where I want a break from matte lipsticks which you know dry the life out of your lips but still what a bit of colour to brighten up my make-up. This lip tint is long lasting depending on how much you eat and drink and also so moisturising which is perfect for this time of year!

IMG_3381[1] Untitled

Next up is the Make-up Revolution Salvation Palette (Girls On Film). I have been using this nearly every day. There are a mixture between matte and shimmer shades which leaves you many make-up looks to play with! Each shade is very pigmented and last for most of the day, they also blend so well. My favourites that I have been reaching for are One in a Million, Smile Wider, So Bright, Heads Turning and Lights Flashing.


Another one of my favourites is white eye liner by Laval, at the moment I have been loving lining my water line and the corner of my eyes with white eye liner I find it makes my eyes pop out more look less tired and it leaves me with a more fresh look. This eyeliner usuaully lasts for a couple of hours but then needs topping up that’s not just this eyeliner though most eyeliners do not stay on, my eyes they are too watery!


I don’t usually post about perfumes because I am forever changing what I like and I am so fussy when it comes to new scents. The Beckham Signature for her was actually purchased by my lovely boyfriend although he did get the wrong one and picked this one up! I find the scent to be very fresh with a hint of floral, I don’t usually like floral fragrances but this one smells so pretty and subtle, it is the perfect day time perfume which I would say lasts on me for 5-6 hours.


I know what you are thinking- another conditioner? I think I have an obsession with trying out new conditioners once one runs out I never stick with the same one. This time I have been loving Elvive Nourish & Shimmer by Loreal Paris. I actually saw this on offer at Tesco and seeing as I don’t usually use conditioner for my highlighted hair I was interested in giving it ago. The conditioner smells so lovely! Kind of like honey but not sickly sweet. In the conditioner itself it has these gold glittery bits which I found pretty cool! I usually use this inbetween using my toning conditioner and I find it keeps my brassiness at bay and my colour looking fresh, aswell as hydrating my hair leaving it smooth and easily manageable.

Well that’s all my favourites for last month, sorry again that is was so late but I hope my post was worth the wait!

Thank you for reading





My January Favourites!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a good christmas!

This is my first post in what 2 months?! Thank you for being patient with me as I have had a lot on which I shall inform you guys about at a later date.

In January I have really found some great products which I have fallen in love with!


The first product that I would like to talk about is the Witch Naturally Clear Gentle Ex foliating Wash. I tend to try out new skin products all the time because I like to switch up my skin care routine but I find I always come back to this one! Not only does this product keeps my spots and blackheads at bay, it leaves my skin feel smooth, soft, fresh and really clean without that horrible tight tingly feeling that some products give you! It has tiny ex foliating beads that are so gentle on your skin you barely realise they are there but you can feel them working! I love the feel and look of my skin after using it!


Next up is the Radox Berry Burst Shower Cream, I was actually bought a set of Radox as a Christmas present and I found this was my favourite one! The product is so light on your skin yet creamy and smells absolutely divine! It leaves you skin feeling soft and fresh. I have found that after use I smell of this for hours but it is not too sickly or overpowering. Sweet scents are my favourite!


The Herbal Essences Nourish Me Butter is the product that I have been so excited to talk about! Herbal Essences have always been my favourite hair brand and have never failed to please. I decided to try this one out as it is the only one that I haven’t used yet. First of all the conditioner smells so amazing! A bit like honey and milk and it is so creamy! I found that this product leaves my hair so smooth so shiny and tangle free which lasts until I next wash my hair. It makes me look forward to washing my hair which I have always found to be a chore!


Another product which I have found myself always coming back to is the Cyclax Face & Body Cream. One of the reasons why I like this product is because it comes in a 300ml tub and only cost me 99p! Because I have oily skin I find it so difficult to find a moisturiser that doesn’t clog my pores or make my skin more greasy that it already is, this product is so light, oil free and leaves my skin matte and baby smooth. I have also found that it is brilliant to use under my eyes as well at night and really helps with my bags. Really this is a multi use product for a pittance and 10X better than the expensive brands I have previously used.


If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that my favourite spot gel used to be Witch Doctor which I was so sad to find that it has been discontinued and can’t find it anywhere!! 😦 So I went out trying new spots gels again to find something that met it’s match. This is when I came across the Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel. I have found this product absolutely amazing at keeping my spots and cystic acne away. It cools your skin and gets rid of any irritation as well as downsizing your spots over night. It does not dry out your skin or leave any scarring which is a huge bonus for me as most spot treatments do! I know cannot leave without this product and have repurchased it 3 times already!


Lastly, again if you have been following my blog for a while I mentioned using Pearl Drops to whiten your teeth. As I was doing my tesco order I found the Pearl Drops Restore White for tea and coffee drinkers on offer. I am not a big fan of tea or coffee but I tend to drink a lot of tea through the winter to keep me warm! This has caused discolouration to my teeth. Since using this product my teeth have become so much whiter and the yellowing stains have been completely removed. My teeth are now an off white colour ! What I like about this product is that the paste has little ex foliating balls which really help to get rid of any grime and it makes your teeth feel so fresh after! The taste isn’t strong and is more spearmint which is great for me as I am really sensitive to strong toothpastes!

That’s it for my January favourites, if you have any questions feel free to comment. I try my best to reply as soon as I can.

Take care



My September Favourites!

So it’s now officially Autumn and The 2nd of October, guys where has this year gone? Seeing as we are now in October I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share what items I have been loving over September 🙂


First of all I shall start with these amazing ankle boots! I was searching for the perfect ankle boots for a while as the air is getting colder and my feet need to be a lot warmer and these were perfect! What initially caught my eye was the gold block heels, they make the boots look so stylish and sophisticated. Also they are super comfy to walk in which is a great bonus!!

IMG_2222[1] IMG_2220[1]

In the winter months I always love going for the dark lip but for work I like to tone it down a bit. The Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Amethyst Shimmer is the perfect alternative. The colour is perfect for Autumn/Winter but also suitable for day time wear as it is purple but with pink undertones to it. Also this lipstick has a slight shimmer to it that really catches your eye, it is very durable, it doesn’t become patchy and it does not dry your lips out!


For us lazy ladies dry shampoo is a must have in our beauty collection! For years I have always used Batiste as their range smelt amazing and it completely got rid of any grease in my hair. But I saw one of my friends use the GIRLZ ONLY brand and it smelt so amazing! It smelt like a perfume so I had to purchase it and it is now my favourite dry shampoo. I just wish they sold them in bigger bottles!


I am going to put these mascaras together as I use both of these on a regular basis. To be honest I think Maybelline range have the best drug store mascaras. I first curl my eyelashes then use two coats of the Maybelline Falsies mascara to lengthen and seperate my lashes. I then use the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara which is being raved about everywhere and use two sometimes three coats of it and my eyelashes literally look amazing. These two mascaras are a staple in my make-up collection and are looking to stay for a while!


I don’t know about you but the Britney Spears perfumes have always been a favourite of mine since I was about 14. She has recently brought out the Britney Spears Rocker perfume, it smells very similar to her fantasy perfume but not as sweet, it is more grown up with an edge that lasts until you take a shower and I can’t get enough of it! Also the bottle is so pretty, let me know in the comments which is your favourite perfume by Britney Spears if you have one!


Since I first purchased the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream I have ditched wearing foundations unless I’m going somewhere special. This foundation has amazing coverage (a little goes a very long way), it is oil free which is what you want if you have oily skin, it doesn’t clog your pores and it also helps to fight against spots. This is the perfect alternative to foundation if you have oily spot prone skin like myself!

If you would like to know where to purchase any of these products just ask and I will send you a link,

Thank you for reading

Lots of love



Products That I Shall Not Be Repurchasing & Rant!

Hello everyone!

So I have come across a few products which I have tried that have been ‘hyped up’ and have turned out to be completely rubbish! I don’t know about you but it really bugs me when I see people doing false reviews because they are being sponsored to do so, no matter how many followers I get I will still give my honest opinion about a product whether I am being paid or not!

Now that little rant is over I shall begin with the first product.


I have heard so many good things about ORS and the ORS Hair Repair Moisture Cream. The product claims to restore moisture to the hair and scalp and with regular use the hair will feel softer and have a healthier looking shine. In reviews it has been claimed to stimulate hair growth as well.

I can honestly say that both are very un true! This did not help my hair to grow in any way and made no difference to the condition of my hair. The only good thing I have to say about this product is that is does smell divine! That’s about it.


Now the Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Gel I have seen raved about literally everywhere. The product claims to reduce spots in under 4 hours, have immediate action and clears/prevents spots. So many people have claimed that this is a brilliant product, they can’t live without it etc etc.

Well I can tell you that this product had no affect on my skin what so ever. It did not reduce my spots or prevent them from coming back. The smell of this product is absolutely vile and the only good thing that I can say about this product is that it dries clear. You are meant to be able to wear your foundation over it which I tried and the gel went all crusty and made my skin look awful!


Here is another product in which I have tried on my spots, it is called Neautrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment. People who I have seen review this product have claimed for it to “miraculously” clear their spots and acne, is easy on the skin and dries clear.

Honestly this couldn’t be any more further from the truth! Not only did it not dry clear and left white patches all over my face but the product crumbled off my skin, didn’t reduce my acne and left my skin so dry for weeks. Even after I stopped using it! I had so many dry patches left on my skin that I had a nightmare to get rid of! 😦


Next up is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express which has been claimed to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes and also be waterproof. I am usually a big fan of Maybelline products and their mascaras but this one really let me down. It wasn’t lengthening, thickening or waterproof. It also left constant smudges under my eyes that I had to keep correcting throughout the day.


The last product which I won’t be repurchasing is the Rimmel London 100% Waterproof mascara. It was waterproof and didn’t leave smudges under my eyes which is what I was looking for. But it claims to be a build-able lengthening mascara which it was not. It barely lengthened my eyelashes even after using eye lash curlers and not matter how many coats I layered on it did not make the slightest difference to my eyelashes and just made them look horrible.

So that is all of the products which I really regret purchasing so far and will definitely not buy again. Thank you for reading my post and be careful of who you trust on line.

Take care



My Recent Superdrug Order- including my best and worst product.

Hello everyone!!!,

Some of you will know that recently I went slightly over board at superdrug and probably bought the whole shop. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share a few of the products which I bought and give you a review on my best and worst product.

So let’s start off with the worst product which I purchased and have probably ever purchased. I may have a little rant because honestly this product is diabolical!


I decided to buy the Tresemme Pro-Shine heat protect spray as it was on offer and I have heard many good things about it. And didn’t I regret it! First of all when I sprayed it onto my wet hair my hair would dry crispy and like straw. It even looked like straw! Not only this, it doesn’t do anything to protect your hair at all! I tried this for a couple of days so I could give it a good review and it actually made parts of my perfectly conditioned hair break off! I now have so many split ends and messed up hair thanks to this product. Ladies please do not buy, this is basically crap in a bottle!!


Now onto a lighter note, my best product had to be the Kate Rimmel London lipstick in shade 110. The lipstick looks pink on the picture but it is actually a lovely coral colour. I am obsessed with the Rimmel London lipsticks by Kate, not only do they smell good but they last so long and have such pretty shades! The packaging is also very cute!

IMG_1957[1]  IMG_1963[1]

Usually I go for berry shades, but I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and now this is my favourite lipstick. It is so pretty, so vibrant and brightens up my whole look. I highly recommend!


Here are the three products which I also love from my order. These are also the three products which I have repurchased time and time again.

  • Maybelline Pure BB Cream– This is such a brilliant foundation for oily spot prone skin. Not only is it oil free but it has salicylic acid in which helps fight against spots. It does not clog your pores and has great coverage that looks natural at the same time!
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Until now the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer was my ultimate holy grail make up product. I bought the Collection concealer on a whim after seeing so many reviews about it. I can honestly see why. It is so thick, creamy, has the best coverage out of all the concealers I have tried yet it is not cakey and a little goes such a long way! This has completely changed my everyday make-up look.
  • V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray-  I was so happy to go back to my all time favourite heat protect spray after the nightmare I had with the Tresemme. I have been using this probably for about 2 years now on and off as I like to try other products and it is honestly the best drug store one I have found. Not only does this make your hair smell absolutely incredible but it keeps your hair so smooth, silky and shiny for days! Also when I use my hair straighteners I can feel them gliding right through my hair which has prevented my hair from snagging which reduces split ends! My hair is in tip top condition when using this product!

The summary of this post is please do not buy the Tresemme Pro Shine Heat protect spray not unless you really want to screw up your hair! Haha.

Thanks for reading,

All my love